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Product name : Composite Floorball hockey stick
Item : HY-FLB-02
Size : Senior or Junior
Carbon Content : 
Weight : 
Blade pattern : 
Flex : Flex: (Senior Flex) 34+/-2; (Junior Flex) 23+/-2.
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Whether you are the ice or roller hockey player who is training for the upcoming season or a floorball enthusiast, the floorball stick helps you with its fully integrated carbon and fiberglass construction that maximizes power. The comfortable grip offers a good handle with every move and the blade has air channels to increase release speed. 

Specifications Options

Size: Senior or Junior.
Usage: Indoor and Ourdoor.
Blade: Can Be Heated for a Customized Curve.
Length: 75cm and Below and 92cm and Above.
Flex: (Senior Flex) 34+/-2; (Junior Flex) 23+/-2.
Air Channels on The Blade: Help Increase Release Speed for Added Velocity.
Grip: Comfortable Grip with a Slight Tacky Feel.
Construction: Fully Integrated Carbon and Fiberglass.
Blade Material: Plastic.
Shaft Material: Carbon Fiber and Glass Fiber.
Acceptable for customize.

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