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HyoungCarbon is a hockey stick manufacturer in china, specialising in the advanced technology required to deliver high-quality composite sporting equipment. Our most in-demand product lines include one-piece Ice Hockey Sticks, Floor Hockey Sticks, Field Hockey Sticks, Floorball, Sticks, Lacrosse Shafts, Curing Brooms, and other lightweight yet durable carbon fibre sports sticks—all of which meet or exceed International standards.

Our manufacturing & research centre is located in Dongguan, China—and our operation & service centre is located in Zhejiang, China. We partner with you to help you realise your business goals, and offer both start-ups and tenured sporting brands with the design solutions, marketing, and branding required to succeed.

Industry-Leading Carbon Fibre Sporting Equipment Manufacturer  

We launched our sporting business with a simple dream of providing Professional, Innovative, and Affordable sporting equipment, complete with the essential OEM & ODM services required to succeed—and the HyoungCarbon brand was born!

Thanks to our pioneering research development team, unique processing technologies, strong manufacturing capacity, and superior product quality—HyoungCarbon has developed rapidly. We build a solid partnership with each of our customers and have launched a new production line in Xiamen. 

Every piece of product is designed & tested to meet or exceed International standards. We work with Sports Brands, Distributors, Wholesalers, Hockey Teams and Clubs worldwide to provide carbon fibre sports sticks that give brand-name sporting companies a run for their money. 

Reach out to HyoungCarbon (mail to [email protected]) today to discuss your fully-customised sporting goods!

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