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Custom Hockey Sticks

Want to Custom Hockey Sticks?

Each of our hockey sticks and sporting equipment is custom designed, but sometimes, clients have advanced needs. If you require private label branded hockey StixHyoungCarbon custom stick designers will work with you to fully customise your hockey stick.

We Always Find a Solution for You!
With HyoungCarbon, quality comes first! Choose us as your ice hockey stickmanufacturer, and expect nothing less than Superior Attention to Detail, Loyal Team of Experts, Specialist Sporting Goods, Client-Centred Approach, and Ongoing Innovation!

Take a look at our customised hockey stick Solutions:
1. Basic custom services including graphics, artwork, color, and paint to ensure the sports stick accurately represents your brand.

Custom hockey stick-1

2. Custom pro hockey stick services including open PRO blade mold, shaft, material—to ensure your high-performance stick is perfectly suited for your sport of choice.

custom hockey stick -2

For more info, pls feel free to contact custom hockey stick specialist HyoungCarbon by email: [email protected]

Custom Hockey Sticks

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