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Ice Hockey Sticks Cost Issue

Hockey sticks(Also known as hockey twig, putter Club ) have traditionally been made from wood, but in recent years have transitioned to durable, expensive materials such as Aramid (Kevlar), fibreglass, carbon fibre, and other composite materials. Composite sticks are now commonplace at nearly all competitive levels of the sport, including youth and professional hockey, Beer league, street roller hockey, indoor/outdoor hockey game.

The modern design and advanced technology deliver a lightweight, durable, and high-performance hockey stick that allows you to hit harder, and release the puck faster. Carbon fibre composite sticks are now the medium of choice for top brands the likes of Bauer, Easton, CCM, and warrior.

But there’s just one problem: they are too expensive!

At HYOUNG we ensure the same high-quality sporting goods, but at a much more competitive price point! Why pay more, when you can pay less for equal or superior quality ice hockey stick?



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