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  • Junior Kids Ice Goalie Hockey Stick
Junior Kids Ice Goalie Hockey Stick

Junior Kids Ice Goalie Hockey Stick

  • Product No.:JR-GK-650Gg
  • Size:21
  • Carbon Content:100% or custom made
  • Weight:650g
  • Blade pattern:P31
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 Ice Hockey Goalie Stick Overview

• Level of Play Guideline: Elite, Pro.

• Construction: one-piece.

• Size: Junir/Kids

• Shaft Dimensions: Square Corners / Double Concave Sidewalls.

• Materials:100% carbon fiber.

• Weight: 650g (based on P31 21" left hand stick) .


This Goalie stick is made by one-piece compression molding process, it gives players a real responsive and consistent feel from top to bottom.

Stick come with classic flex profile, Offers the quickest loading process and exact shot.

Engineered for maximum energy output with minimum effort.

Reinforced connection point of the blade and the shaft, increased stiffness, make it have feeling like wood goalie stick.

NANO resin system extend the life of the sticks shaft and improve the overall durability of the stick.

PMI FOAM reduces blade weight and probably most importantly increases blade durability.



Specifications Options

Carbon Wrap:18K, 12k, 3k, UD or custom wrapping.

Blade pattern: P31

Shaft Coating: Grip finish, matte finish, grip+matte finishgloss finish.

Blade Coatingmatte finish, gloss finish, sand finish.

Hand: Regular left hand 

Logo: Custom design/graphics/logo