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Top five one-piece composite hockey sticks for 2020


When it comes to consistently beating the goaltender in hockey you're going to need the right stick in the palm of your hands to suit your size and style of play. Other than your skates, the stick is the most important piece of gear you own. We have listed the top five one-piece new hockey sticks for 2020 below based on quality, feel, release, value and durability to help you make a decision. Each stick is available in various lengths, flexes, lies and curve patterns.

1. CCM Jetspeed FT3 Pro Hockey Stick

You can’t really go wrong with this top-quality, lightweight stick from CCM as it's geared towards players who are looking to increase both the power and speed of their shots while making consistent, accurate passes to their teammates.

The CCM Jetspeed FT3 Pro comes with a beneficial hybrid kick-point while the JF-90 blade allows for superb puck feel due to the dampening core. The shaft is a double-concave design for an ideal fit in your hands and it's made for control with the tacky grip.

The stick's exceptional strength and durability comes from the upgraded top-of-the-line 12Kwoven carbon used in the construction process. It's built to take the toughest on-ice impacts such as slashes and faceoffs and can handle the hardest shots you can muster with ease. It can handle all types of on-ice abuse and the 85-flex model weighs in at just 375 grams.

You'll soon notice how quick and accurate your shooting becomes with this high-tech stick while puckhandling and passing will also be brought up to the elite level. This is a well-balanced stick which is ideal for both defensemen and forwards who favor power and speed without sacrificing puck feel.

2. Bauer Vapor Flylite Hockey Stick

Bauer is another well-known and dependable manufacturer of high-grade hockey sticks and they have come up with another winner in the Vapor Flylite model. This is a lightweight stick with the 87-flex weighing just 387 grams. It offers a low kick-point for releases as quick as lightning while the strong asymmetrical shaft allows you to put all of your body weight into slap shots and one-timers.

The durable blade has been designed for consistency, stability and durability in all aspects of the game such as stickhandling, passing and shooting. It provides fantastic recoil capabilities which enables you to fire shots with tremendous speed and accuracy before goaltenders have a chance to react.

The Vapor Flylite is also ideal for players who find themselves in tight positions around the net and want to get away the fastest shot possible with a simple flick of the wrist. It's also perfect for shifty players who are looking to deke defensemen and goaltenders.

This carbon fiber stick is made to take a beating when taking draws and won't weaken with extended use. The squared-off shaft provides great energy transfer and versatility with excellent responsive feel. The stick is available in various lengths, flexes and curve designs.

3. True AX9 Hockey Stick

If stick handling's the name of your game you may want to try out the AX9 hockey stick by True with its fascinating braided rib cord technology. This design extends into the heel and results in a thinner, more responsive, and durable blade.

The True technology also makes this a finely-balanced one-piece stick which is made to transfer the most power possible into your shot. The stick is constructed with 25 separate layers of carbon for durability and strength with low-density particles inserted throughout the shaft and blade for the ultimate in impact resistance. 

The shaft is compression molded for a perfect feel when handling the puck and the carbon fiber construction enables your hands to get off the quickest, hardest and most accurate shots from all angles. Giving and receiving passes can be done almost effortlessly with the AX9 and you'll be making moves on the ice that other players can only dream about.

This popular hockey stick by True is one of the best on the market as it's built for all aspects of the game, not just shooting. The receptive feel is incomparable and it's just as good for shooting as it is for dangling and stick handling.


4. Warrior Alpha DX Hockey Stick

The Alpha DX hockey stick by Warrior is one of the best out there for players who are seeking the perfect combination and balance between shot power and speed and their release. And let's not forget about accuracy. Due to the company's Sabre Shaft Taper you'll have the right stick in your hands when winding up for slap shots from the point or when flying down the wing as well as trying to get off a quick wrist or snap shot from the slot.

No matter whereabouts on the rink you're shooting from or what type of shot your about to take, this stick is built to handle all on-ice scenarios and has a fantastic recoil rate. The blade is built to last with several composite layers as the Fuelcore technology is designed to make sure there's no breakdown while still offering elite performance.

The carbon fiber shaft is much stronger and lighter than ever with the 63-inch, 85-flex coming in at a lightweight 395 grams. This is a low-kick flex point model which comes with concave sidewalls and rounded corners on the shaft for the best feel and fastest release on the ice. It's tailor made for shooting, toe-drags, dekes, faceoffs, and passing etc.
This is a fitting stick for players who often find themselves in tight spots who are looking to make plays, pass the puck and shoot as quickly and accurately as possible.

5. Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Hockey Stick


The quality of construction and material used for the Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Hockey Stick is second to none here as it's extremely durable and very well made for precision and maximum efficiency. It features DuraFelx resin, TeXtreme carbon fiber and Bauer's state-of-the-art ACL and Monocomp technology and feels great in the hands with the senior model weighing in at just 415 grams.

The blade comes with an advanced layering of carbon for the ultimate in puck feel and durability. If there's any blade damage at all the pressurized gel of the innovative RenewCore system will seek out and then fill in any cracks for a longer-lasting blade that is designed to take the heaviest of punishment. This means you won't find any chips in the blade.

The transfer of energy from the square shaft to the blade is superb due to the high kick-point and you'll notice just how quick, hard and accurate your shots and passes become. The high-tech stick allows you to lean into your shots without having to worry about damage to the shaft due to the resin system.

There's no waiting the extra split second to fire off shot after shot because of the quick loading and recoil and you'll be able to find the net from just about anywhere on the ice. Whether you're taking a wrist, snap, slap shot, one-timer or backhander this stick produces consistency time after time.

 This unique stick provides excellent balance, power, energy transfer and versatility. The shaft comes with squared corners, straight sidewalls and a tacky finish for a better grip and is built to handle all the stress and impacts of a hockey game. 

The lower third of the stick is thicker and stiffer than previous Bauer models which helps to produce a higher kick-point. It's a top-quality, elite stick which is ideal for players of all levels and ages as it's built to last and to improve the performance and explosiveness of your game. 

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