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Hockey Stick Manufacturer Consulting

We--HyoungCarbon involved in hockey stick business for 10years, meet and helped many clients like you to grow their carbon fiber hockey stick business.
Our expereneice:
1. Private Label Ice Hockey Stick
2. Custom Brand Hockey Sticks.
3. Blackout PRO Stock Stick.
4. Open Mold Design for replacement balde, hockey shaft etc.
5. More about Carbon Fiber Sports Gears

Hockey Stick Wholesale Solution

Each clients have different background and requests, after discussing we will find a best hockey stick wholesale Solution fit for your company.
Some Cases we did in Past.
1. Private Label Ice Hockey Stick
2. Custom hockey stick services
3. create model for carbon fiber sledge hockey stick
4. Create carbon fiber bandy stick and set up testing standard

Carbon Fiber HockeyStick Sampling

Create samples to meet your requests, making prototype sample to testing your idea.
Really Sample will show our ability on carbon fiber sports manufacturing and Boost your confidence. We also keep some blank hockey stick in stock, pls send us an email [email protected] get the list.

HyoungCarbon Quality Mass Produce

Sample testing will make sure our quality is right for you and what we do next is mass produce.
HyoungCarbon will make sure it’s same as sample pass your testings.

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please contact us and we will contact you as soon as possible....

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